working process of the proxy server and the VPN

working process of the proxy server

certainly you heard before about IP address ,every user has his own and unique ip address which is a number to recognize your computer or your device.
Example of an ip address: and

these numbers are ip address.

a proxy server can and able to hide your ip address and use the proxy server's address. when user send a request to internet using a proxy server ,the request goes first to the proxy server and from it to the internet.

The proxy server will use its own ip address so yours is not showen or hidden .the changement of the ip will be in automatic process so user does not need to do any thing except to sent requests as usual exactly he was doing before without a proxy server.

The vpn also is doing the same job when user uses it and send requests through it, the ip address of the user is hidden too because the computer or the tablet or mobile will use the VPN's number or ip address.

As conclusion of the working process:

proxy server and vpn both use their own ip address and hide user's ip address.

As both of them works as third part on this process of sending requests to different networks ,both proxy server and vpn work beside the users and for the benefits of users.

so in this case your internet provider can never have any idea about your private navigation on the web, and no body can spy on your requests encrypted.

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