what is a proxy server and what is vpn?

Meanings :proxy server & Vpn

What is a proxy server?

Perhaps you used before a proxy server ,if you did not use it yet ,probably you have already faced it on advertisement on the net.

But did you ask yourself about it or have you tried before to understand the right meaning of a proxy server?

First time used a proxy server more than 19 years before for organazations and offices the purpose to save the data of companies from to be spied.

within 20 years developped a lot as the whole technology developped too ,proxy servers developped too.

But what is the real meaning of a proxy server?

Actually the proxy server is the third party between user and internet.

we can draw a diagram down about the given meaning:

user with his computer --------------------- proxy server--------------------- internet

As you can observe the proxy server is in the second place after user and before internet.

So when the user send any of his requests to internet will pass through the proxy server first.

Thats mean the proxy server is a bridge of requests between user and internet.

The picture down will make it more clear about the definition and the meaning of a proxy server :

Definition of a proxy server
The diagram shows first the user of internet later the proxy server and at last internet ,as you can observe clearly the requests movements between the three parts of the Diagram.

The most important idea about a proxy server that is a bridge and intermediare between the users of internet and the internet it self?

if you got the idea about the proxy server so it is the same about a VPN which is a bridge also between users and internet.

for more détails about the VPN defintion look at the picture down :

So the vpn is also the third part which acts between users and internet as it shows the picture above.

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